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Some of the services that we can provide to get your job done!


  Fabrication in most types of materials​​​​ including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass bronze, plastics and others. 

Saw cutting, laser and water jet cutting, 5 axis tube laser for precision cutting of square, round and rectangle including angle iron.

  CNC and manual tube bending and rolling to allow complex and accurate bending of rounds, squares rectangles and angles.  

 Sheet metal forming using CNC hydraulic and hand brake presses.

  CNC and manual lathes that can handle from the smallest of parts to parts up to 5 ft. in diameter x 22 feet long.

  CNC and manual milling with part capacities from very small to the largest of parts including large vertical mills for machining, turning and boring parts in a single set up.

  Welding of all types including MIG, TIG, ARC, Robotic " for large runs ", braising.

  Many types of grinding available.

  Various types of finishing including powder, paint, plating and polishing.

  Material handling, assembly, palletize to get your parts ready for delivery. Cad design and drawings available.

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